It's Sunday, Feb. 9. Expect a cool and damp afternoon with a highs in the upper 50s. Monday promises to be warmer and drier.

Here are some of the headlines, news and notes that popped up on our radar and in our inbox today:

An Echo Park hair salon was doused with water last night after an SUV apparently sheared off a fire hydrant next to the building. Photos and a video clip posted on Facebook showed a geyer of water falling across the roof of the Prado Salon at Sunset and Douglas. It's not clear what caused the crash or if there were any injuries.  

The L.A. Times editorial board endorsed former state legislator Kevin De León in the race to represent Council District 14, which includes all or portions of Eagle Rock, El Sereno, Boyle Heights and Downtown L.A. The board dismissed concerns that De León might abandon the council seat before his term is up to run for mayor in 2022 as did Antonio Villaraigosa 15 years ago. "De León’s particular strength is envisioning ambitious solutions to major problems, then building alliances and using his political savvy to get them adopted," said the Times endorsement. "We’d like to see him apply those considerable skills to negotiating the more parochial issues of CD 14, including fighting the NIMBYism that has made it difficult to build more housing, homeless shelters and bus lines."  De León will face four other candidates in the March 3 primary.

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