Wear a Face Mask sign on Metro bus during coronavirus outbreak

Starting on Sunday, December 13, Metro will make changes to routes and schedules in the first phase of the transit agency's NextGen Bus Plan, which it says will improve bus frequencies and service.

Numerous lines -- including several on the Eastside -- with low ridership will be discontinued.

Limited lines -- such as the 302330, and 378 -- that stopped running in April during early weeks of the pandemic have now been permanently canceled.

Instead, Metro will offer more frequent services on Local Lines 2, 16, 30, 51/52, 55, 78/79, 108, 152, 166 and 212. These changes will provide more room for riders to practice social distancing whenever possible, said Metro

They’re also canceling certain Metro Rapid lines and replacing them with partner local lines that will run more frequently. A few on the Eastside include: 

Metro Rapid Line 751 is being replaced by Line 251

 Metro Rapid Line 745 from Lincoln Heights to South LA is being replaced by Line 45

 Metro Rapid Line 762 being replaced by Line 260

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Other Eastside changes

  Line 258  has been rerouted to a new terminal via Eastern/ Floral and Mission Street to service the L (Gold) Line South Pasadena Station and terminate service at York/Figueroa. The segment via Huntington Drive, Oak Knoll Drive and Lake Avenue to Pasadena/ Altadena was canceled due to low ridershop.

  Line 79 will continue to serve Huntington Drive and Line 180 will continue to serve Lake Av with L Line (Gold) rail service linking South Pasadena and Pasadena. 

 The Olympic Boulevard segment of Line 665, which has not operated since April, will be shortened as of Dec. 13. It will terminate at Indiana/Olympic. Line 62 continues to serve this segment.

If a stop is being discontinued, riders will see a sign on it directing them to the nearest stop. Riders can also check online or download the Transit app to see if their bus line has changed.

The NextGen Bus Plan is expected to be fully implemented December 2021 with all-day buses, more routes, and shorter wait times. 

"This is the first major overhaul of Metro’s bus system in more than 25 years and these changes will vastly improve bus service for current and future riders," said Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington in a press release. "Metro’s bus ridership has fallen less during the pandemic than in many other metro areas — which demonstrates how much people completely depend on our bus system."

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