Campers and RVs parked on Bellevue in Angelino Heights

Overnight parking by RVs and other oversized vehicles would be prohibited. 

Campers, trailers and other oversized vehicles that are often used by homeless people as shelter will be barred from overnight parking on many streets in Echo Park, Lincoln Heights, Glassell Park and Highland Park.

The City Council on Wednesday approved the new overnight restrictions requested by First District Councilman Gil Cedillo.

The prohibitions apply to vehicles longer than 22 feet or taller than seven feet from parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. along 27 designated stretches of road throughout Cedillo’s district.

These areas are to be marked as tow-away zones between those hours for large vehicles. This will be enforced on both sides of these streets.

“All of these locations, over a period of months to a year, have generated public safety concerns and complaints from the LAPD and community businesses and residents about oversized vehicles,” said Conrado TerrazasCross, a spokesman for Councilmember Cedillo.

The councilman’s resolution itself cites the security issue as well, noting, “The Los Angeles Police Department has identified several streets experiencing criminal activity and increased calls for police service associated with oversized vehicles that are parked overnight.”

The resolution also garnered two negative responses from the public, however. They said these restrictions will only aggravate the situation for homeless people living out of their vehicles.

“As a homeless service provider who has witnessed folks going through a rough patch in their lives .... the biggest reason many of them end up living on the street is loss of their vehicle,” said Lorenzo De Felitta.

Another member of the public who identified herself only as Natalie C said, “If you are going to move forward with this resolution, it must explicitly call out an alternative location where you may park your cars over night instead.”

Given the large number of streets involved, the starting dates for the tow-away zones will likely be staggered based on the workload of the Department of Transportation," said TerrazasCross.

The restrictions will be on the following streets:

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Echo Park

  • Sunset Boulevard between Vin Scully Avenue and the 110 Freeway
  • Lilac Terrace between Stadium Way and Lookout Drive
  • Lookout Drive between Lilac Terrace and Stadium Way
  • Bartlett Street between Beaudry Avenue and Figueroa Terrace
  • Bernard Street between Stadium Way and the dead end
  • Coronel Street between Stadium Way and the dead end
  • Laguna Avenue between Echo Park Avenue and Crosby Place
  • Bellevue Avenue between Boylston Street and Sunset Boulevard

Lincoln Heights

  • Moulton Avenue between North Main Street and the dead end
  • Selig Place between Mission Road and the dead end
  • Avenue 21 between Pasadena Avenue and the dead end
  • Avenue 18 between Pasadena Avenue and Barranca Street
  • Barranca Street between Avenue 18 and Avenue 21
  • Alhambra Avenue between Daly and Hancock Streets
  • San Fernando Road between Pasadena Avenue and the 110 Freeway
  • Avenue 19 between Barranca and Humboldt Streets

Glassell Park

  • Edward Avenue between San Fernando Road and Moss Avenue
  • Bushwick Street between Moss Avenue and Avenue 36
  • Avenue 32 between Bushwick Street and Eagle Rock Boulevard
  • Verdugo Road between West Avenue 30 and Eagle Rock Boulevard

Highland Park

  • Lincoln Avenue between Avenue 50 and Avenue 54

There are also six designated locations in the Westlake and Pico-Union neighborhoods.

Restricted parking in Echo Park

Restricted roads in Echo Park are marked in red.

Restricted parking in Lincoln Heights

Lincoln Heights streets where RV parking will be restricted are marked in red.

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