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After Councilman Ed Reyes visited Nightingale Middle School, one of the students from the Cypress Park campus,  Jackson Huang, wrote to the councilman to urge him to support the creation of new bike lanes  near his  school. Huang, according to the Flying Pigeon blog, played up the health benefits of bike lanes:

The LA City bike Plan of 2010 states that bicycle lanes of Ave 28 and Cypress Ave will be added. The reason why we need bike lanes is because there are kids in this area that are overweight or obese. Kids can get exercise while riding their bikes home and lessening the risk of obesity.

The Councilman responded with his own letter to Huang:

I grew up riding my bicycle in Lincoln Heights and Cypress Park and agree that bicycle lanes are critical for the health and safety of our neighborhoods. I have been working very hard with City staff and community members like you to ensure that the 2010 Bicycle Plan is implemented as quickly as possible.

Nice reply but there is no mention of when those bike lanes will ever materialize. In fact, Huang and his fellow bike-loving students might have to learn some patience until those new bike lanes arrive.

Michelle Mowery, Senior Bicycle Coordinator for the city’s Bicycle Program, explains that a nearly approximately half-mile long stretch of Cypress Avenue and Avenue 28 are included in proposed bike projects in the  current five-year plan. However,  at this point, “these [Cypress Park] projects don’t yet have a date for implementation.”   Mowery in an email said:

We thank the Nightingale Middle School students for their enthusiasm and we are happy to work with the Council Office to help prioritize these projects for early implementation.

Sounds like Huang and other Nightingale student better start writing more letters if they want to see those bike lanes created before they graduate. Click here for a list of bike projects that are currently underway.

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