Eastsider Poll: How you would keep Waze traffic off your street? [poll now closed]

Residents say Dodger game day traffic has worsened with Waze

ECHO PARKKCRW warned of “chaos and danger.”  It’s a “traffic disaster” proclaimed The Drive.  The CBS Morning News described it as a “dangerous detour”  that neighbors say is causing “insanity.” What are all these folks and websites talking about? The Answer: Baxter Street — one of the steepest streets in L.A.  The media outlets rolled out their coverage  this week after  L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez reviewed the traffic congestion and accidents that neighbors have blamed on Waze and other navigation apps.

Of course, Baxter is far from the only street in L.A. where residents are complaining about Waze traffic. Waze has resisted efforts to remove streets from the app while local officials have also failed for the most part to get the traffic apps to steer clear from what had been quiet residential streets.

Since Waze and its like are not going away,  The Eastsider would like to know what you would do to reduce that app-generated traffic on your street by taking our poll below (this poll is now closed):

Some of the “Other” recommendations made so far:

  • Resident only traffic during rush hours
  • Find out where Waze owners live and send traffic through their street
  • Have Waze and other apps indicate the steep grade to warn drivers of difficulty
  • Pretend to be a Waze user and sue Waze for sending you onto Baxter
  • Accept technology!!!
  • Live on a dead end
  • Simple: Build a tunnel under the street
  • Nothing…locals do not own the streets they belong to everyone in the city
  • You’re wrong. The street can be removed from gps apps. HHA did it for Beachwood
  • Large line of old & young people crossing the street in a circle so no one goes

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