El Sereno  — The many Cal State L.A. students and workers who have been parking for free on the hilly streets near the campus may want to start looking for alternatives.

Evening parking on numerous streets in the University Hills neighborhood west of the campus would be prohibited  except for those with the required permit under a proposal that the City Council  is scheduled to vote on today. Daytime parking would be limited to two hours on some streets.

Update on August 17: The City Council approved the proposal but permit parking restrictions won’t be enforced until signs are installed. Those signs, as of Aug. 17, are still being fabricated, according to a spokesperson of the L.A. Department of Transportation.

It’s the first time permit parking restrictions would be applied to El Sereno and comes about 3 years after neighboring Alhambra imposed similar street parking limits to deal with Cal State students, said Rick Coca, spokesman for Councilman Huizar, who represents the area.

“This was a community-driven effort by University Hills’ residents who expressed strong interest in establishing a [Preferred Parking District] in their neighborhood,” said Coca.

Not everyone is happy about the proposed permit parking.

“Other areas in El Sereno and East LA/City Terrace will be flooded with students who are willing to walk because they can’t afford a parking permit,” said Jorge Garcia in an email to Councilman Huizar. “In addition, those unfortunate people who are living out of their cars will be forced to move. Where exactly will these homeless persons move to? ….. This is truly unfair. You are creating a favoritism-no parking zone that benefits a few residents, while creating a mess for everyone else.”

The streets listed below qualified for parking permit restrictions after at least 75% of residents supported the permit program, Coca said. Permits will cost $34 annually and each household can obtain up to three.

Here are the University Hills streets that will be subject to permit parking restrictions:

  • Barnett Road between Barnett Way and O’Sullivan Drive
  • Barnett Road between Lansdowne Avenue and Barnett Way
  • Highbury Avenue between Bohlig Road and the Dead End south of Bohlig Road
  • Lansdowne Avenue between Barnett Way and Barnett Road
  • Lansdowne Avenue between Heidleman Road and Barnett Way
  • Lillyvale Avenue between Bohlig Road and the Dead End south of Bohlig Road
  • Lillyvale Avenue between Dobbs Street and College Square Drive
  • Lillyvale Avenue between Valley Boulevard and Dobbs Street
  • Mariondale Avenue between Bohlig Road and Dobbs Street
  • O’Sullivan Drive between Barnett Road and Heidleman Road
  • Vandalia Avenue between Bohlig Road and the Dead End south of Bohlig Road
  • Warwick Avenue between Dobbs Street and Bohlig Road

Permit parking could spread to other blocks in what’s called Preferential Parking District No. 260 if at least 75% of the residents sign a petition, said Coca.  He said petitions can be requested by emailing  aron.thompson@lacity.org or by contacting the Council District 14 field office at (323) 226-1646.

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