Echo Park pond

Ducks swimming through the pond.

Katherine Leech is an Echo Park resident and First Reader at Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist, Los Angeles, focused on Bible based spiritual healing. 

Hi Friends of Echo Park Lake!

The other day I decided to ask the park maintenance people if I could help pick up trash. It was so easy. They welcomed my help, gave me a trash bag, a tool to pick up the trash and offered me gloves as well. They told me where to start and then the learning began. I found out that they pick up everything that is not natural to the park. 

If they didn’t do this work the land around the park would be filled with cigarette buts, chicken bones, peanut shells, apple cores, plastic, clothing, and trash of all sorts. You would be sitting on trash instead of grass if they didn’t faithfully pick up after people that come to the park!

Here’s the problem. With so many more people using the park and now living there, it is impossible for the park maintenance staff to keep the park clean and tend to the beautiful plants around the lake. You may have noticed that the weeds are starting to take over in some places. So we have to help!

All of you that love to exercise at the park, please consider spending a couple hours or more every week picking up trash. It’s good exercise and expressing unselfishness is much more attractive than tight abs.

All of you that love to picnic there, please consider taking your trash home with you. The barrels are so overflowed on Monday morning that there is trash all around the barrels.

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake

All of you that now live there, please consider what you really need and where you have placed your tent. This is a temporary place for you until housing is available. We need to have the water sprinklers going to keep the grass growing. Move your spot occasionally so that the park doesn’t become just a place of weeds and dirt. Be good stewards of the land. We are all brothers and sisters and need to be considerate of each other. Help out, keep the place clean and beautiful.

And a few extra things that shouldn’t need to be said: Don’t feed the wildlife. Human food is bad for them. Don’t smoke in the park, it’s highly inconsiderate. Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs in the park. Obey the park rules, they are there for good reason. Don’t throw things into the lake. When the water is clear you can see scooters, furniture and all sorts of strange stuff that gets into the lake.

Echo Park Lake is a treasure in our community. If we don’t help in taking care of it, we will be the worse for it. So go ahead, have some fun and learn that picking up trash can be a very rewarding activity. Many hands make work light! Let’s work together to make this neighborhood a happy, beautiful place to live.

Love, Peace, & Blessings,

Echo Park Kathy

Echo Park pond ducks


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