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It’s been nearly seven years since millions of dollars was put into a fund to pay for improvements across Elysian Park. Now, after years of delays and meetings, city officials have finally selected the projects to be funded, among them the first dog park in Elysian Park and a big expansion of the disc golf (think Frisbee) course.

Last week, the city’s parks commission  approved a package of projects that will be paid for with the $12.5 million the L.A. Department of Water Power poured into a park improvement fund in return for covering up the park’s reservoir.

Here’s the list of improvements:

Location of Elysian Park Improvements | Courtesy Recreation & Parks

  • Community Garden: Site Security Project proposes the replacement of two (2) existing gates and sections of the fencing. Two (2) new gates, fencing and an
    accessible entryway will be provided.
  • Solano Canyon Synthetic Soccer Field and Restroom: Installation of a new synthetic soccer field over an existing turf field including installation of site furnishings, such as, bleachers and shade structures, and improvements to provide accessible path of travel, renovation of existing restroom, and adjustments to the existing landscape and irrigation to accommodate the synthetic field.

A new soccer field, shaded bleachers and updated restrooms are among the improvements | Courtesy Recreation & Parks

  • Solano Canyon Universal Access Playground, Fitness Equipment, Picnic Area and Restroom: Removal of the old playgrounds and picnic area, the construction of a new Universal Access Playground (UAP), construction of new picnic area with shade structure, installation of a fitness equipment area with shade structure, construction of a new restroom, improvements to provide accessible path of travel to all new amenities, and adjustments to the existing landscape and irrigation to accommodate the new improvements.
  • Riverside Extension New Restroom and Trail Improvements: Installation of a new prefabricated restroom structure at the site entry near the existing basketball court and the improvements to the existing trails. The existing trail will be refurbished and extended up the hillside to connect with Landa Street.
  • Morton/Academy Off Street Parking Improvement: Reconfiguration of the maintenance road at the junction of Morton Avenue and Academy Road to accommodate organized parking spaces on both sides of the maintenance road including appropriate parking signage and path of travel.
  • Chavez Ridge Disc Golf Addition: Add ten new targets and tees to the existing seventeen target disc golf course, bringing the total number of targets to twenty-seven.
  • Buena Vista Point Disc Golf and Picnic Area: Construct a new fourteen target disc golf course at Buena Vista Point and renovate the picnic areas along Buena Vista Drive.
  • North Broadway Park Entry Landscape Beautification: Renovation of the existing landscape at the North Broadway entry. The project proposes to restore the historic character of this entrance to Elysian Park, adjust the irrigation system, repair the existing masonry wall, reconstruct the pathway, provide signage and renovate the existing monument.
  • Victory Memorial Grove Pathway and Landscape Improvements: Pathway refurbishment, landscape and path of travel improvements.
  • Carob Grove Dog Park and Picnic Area Project: Construction of a large and small dog parks, a picnic area, shade structure, path of travel, parking lot upgrade, trail construction, irrigation adjustments and appropriate signage.

Carob Grove Dog Park will be located near Park View Drive and the Arroyo Seco Parkway (110 Fwy) | Courtesy Recreation & Parks

  • Administration/Maintenance Building Storage Area Roof Replacement: Repair of an existing damaged metal roof including the structural support.
  • Expanded Staffing: Staffing of two (2) park rangers at Elysian Park providing security support for 3 years.
  • Urban Forest: The assessment, survey and analysis of existing tree conditions; and development of a plan for reforestation of Elysian Park.
  • Update Draft Master Plan: Reengage with the community to update the 2007 Draft Elysian Park Master Plan to include with current community desires for the park and to better reflect the current conditions of the park.
  • Adaptive Recreation Center Building and Outdoor Improvements: Renovation of the interior of existing building with a Community Room and Park Ranger Office, adding an exterior pre-fabricated restroom building, construction of an outdoor basketball court, splash pad, skate park and paths of travel.

One of the projects, the Buena vista Point Disco Golf and Picnic Area, has already been completed, said Rose Watson, spokeswoman for the Recreation and Parks Department. However,the start dates on the other projects have yet to be determined.

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