The opening of the new Lincoln Heights Youth Center Complex has met with mixed feelings among members of the Los Angeles Youth Athletic Club, the former boxing and fitness center that once operated out of the former Lincoln Heights Jail, reports EGP News. The city forced the athletic club to move out of the old jail for safety reasons and included a boxing gym and program at the new youth center, a former church. But  former athletic club volunteers told EGP News that the new recreation and arts center is  just not the same as the old jail:

“Ed Barraza, a former LAYAC volunteer, said he is happy the center is open but remains concerned that its limited space is not enough to serve the 200 or so youths who utilized the LAYAC. ‘It’s a beautiful place,’ he said of the center. ‘But it’s just inadequate.’ Barraza, a teacher at Burbank Middle School, said attempts to sit down with [Councilman Ed] Reyes to discuss options for a future home for LAYAC have not materialized.  ‘It is the end of an era,’ Barraza said. ‘It’s not so much the place. All those kids … I don’t know what they’re doing anymore.’”

Photo from Google Maps

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