New pedal boat fleet docks at Echo Park Lake

Pedal boats at Echo Park Lake dock./Darrell Kunitomi

It’s been about four years since the last pedal boats skimmed across the surface of Echo Park Lake after the city dry docked the boats to save money.  But on Saturday morning, the public will once again be able to rent a pedal boat at the park as a new boating company prepares to launch a fleet of bright yellow boats into the waters of the newly reopened lake.

The boating company, Chaffey and Reeves, which has operated boating concessions at Atascadero Lake and at Redondo Beach, will also deploy a gondola and a seven-person outrigger canoe  at Echo Park Lake.  But 10 pedal boats will make up most of its Echo Park Lake fleet.

Unlike the city’s old pedal boats, which came in shades of pink and blue, the new pedal boats  feature a bulbous yellow body and light blue seats. They may look like rubber ducks but  the two and four seater boats, made by a company called Future Beach, are called Water Bees. The four seater, 92-inch long Water Bee 400 can carry up to 850 pounds.

“We use the Future Beach pedal boats because they are self bailing, have adjustable seat, are easy to clean and the four- seat model actually lets everyone pedal,” said company co-owner Lloyd Reeves, who has a 90-day concession at the lake.

Renting a boat for up to an hour will cost $10 for each adult and $5 for teens and kids 17 and under, Reeves said.  However, on Wednesdays,  local residents will be able to rent a two-seater craft for $10 on what Reeves is calling 90026 Day.

Reeves said the new boating concession will officially begin renting boats at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 20.

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