Island concept for Taylor Yard River Park Site

The "Island' concept "creates an island to separate river flows, mimic split flow channels, and provide multiple layers of riparian and upland habitat."

What exactly do we all want from the future Taylor Yard River Park? The Los Angeles Times says three design schemes have been made public, as the city decides how to transform the 42-acre former rail yard, which lies at the border of Cypress Park and Glassell Park.

All three proposals are aimed at renewing wildlife habitat, creating a people-friendly green space and bringing people closer to the river.

But the themes -- which reflect feedback from stakeholders, comments from meetings and surveys --otherwise vary.

The plan called "Island"includes a small channel that forms - yes - an island. It also has a terraced riverbank with views. A proposal called "Soft Edge," however, would have a "bio-plateau" near the river, with native plants and treatment ponds. Finally, a plan called "The Yards" would incorporate the area’s railroad history, with a circular plaza - the Roundhouse - where a railway turntable used to spin locomotives.

Soft Edge concept for Taylor Yard RIver Park

The Soft Edge concept "creates a soft-edged river on the east bank with a significant amount of new riparian and upland habitat ... The existing river channel would be modified to create a series of terraces."

More details about each design are available here. The concepts were presented at a community workshop by WSP, a global landscape architecture and engineering firm, and Studio MLA, a more local landscape architecture firm. 

Island, Soft Edge or The Yards? Which park concept do you prefer?

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The new park will be created on land where freight trains used to roll in and out of the yard throughout the 1940s and ’50s. But Southern Pacific Railroad left the area in the mid-1980s, and the last of the major repair shops and sheds were torn down in 2009. Union Pacific did not consider any of the buildings at Taylor Yards historic. The city of Los Angeles bought the land for $60 million in 2017.

Whatever design is selected, it will be a while before anyone can play in Taylord Yard River Park, which must still undergo a cleanup to remove decades of toxins. Interim uses are not scheduled to begin until 2024 and and project won't be completed until 2028, according a Bureau of Engineer timeline. 

The city's project team wants to know what you think about the concept. Send comments to

The Yards concept for Taylor Yard River Park

The Yards concept "maintains the river bank in its current configuration with the park developed east of the existing Los Angeles Department of Water and Power power lines along the river bank, providing riparian and upland habitat."

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