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Engage readers with a story and photos about your event with a Front Page Sponsored Post. These Sponsored Posts resemble stories that appear in our our main news column on the front page as well as in our  email newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and RSS feed. That gives your story and message maximum impact.  Text and photos are supplied by the advertiser.

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  • Use nine words or less.
  • The name of the person, business or organization will be published in the post.
  • Provide a 25-word summary to be used in the ads that appear next to Eastsider stories. More details and information can be included in the Event Description below.
  • You have a 300 word limit. Make sure to include any relevant dates, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Horizontal or square images work best. Jpeg or png format. Please keep file sizes to less than 500kb. You must own or have the right to use this photo.
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    • You must have created, own or have secured permission to use text, photos, logos, graphics and other content for commercial purposes.

    • Any person who appears or has been quoted must have given their permission to allow their image or words to be used for commercial purposes

    • Your post is subject to review before it it published. The Eastsider has the right to reject posts for any reason. If rejected, you will be notified and your payment will be refunded in full

    • The Eastsider will remove published posts if the are found to have violated copyright or any other of our guidelines

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    • All sales are final
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