Promote Your Eastside Property Listing on the Front Page

HighlandPark Bargain Box Ad Example

Promote your Eastside Property Listing  with a banner ad that will rotate for 30 days through our Bargain Box ad zone  in the lower-right hand column of the front page (desk top/laptop versions). Submit your own ad or let us create an ad (see an example above) based on the top photo in your Eastside Property Listing.

Cost: $79 extra

Let Us Create Your Banner Ad

  • We will feature the top photo from your Eastside Property Listing
  • Neighborhood name or brief property description at the top
  • Added Detail & Broker Name at the bottom
  • Ad will be linked to your Eastside Property Listing
  • Sorry, no custom colors or fonts are available

Create A Custom Banner Ad

If you will be submitting your own ad, please follow these requirements:

  • Size: 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall
  • File Type: Jpeg only – no animation; no GIFs
  • Maximum File Size: 35 kb
  • Copyright: You must own or have the right to use any photos, graphics, artwork or logos that appear in your ad. You will be responsible for paying any penalties for violating copyright.
  • Design:  80% of your ad must be a photo of the property. Text is allowed only at the top or bottom edges. Font should be no larger than 18 point; avoid neon or bright-colored fonts
  • Approval: All ads are subject to review and final approval. We might ask you to redesign your ad if the guidelines above are not followed

Your ad will be linked to your Eastside Property Listing page.

Eastsider Advertising