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A big "Thank You!" to Caroline and the other readers who have recently become monthly Eastsider Reader Sponsors.

The Eastsider depends on you in numerous ways. Your visits to the site generate enough traffic so we can sell ads to businesses and organizations. Your story tips, ideas and suggestions help us stay on top of what's going on.

But your financial support is also needed.

Like any other business or household, The Eastsider has many bills to pay, from freelancer fees to web hosting expenses. Your financial support will help cover those costs and help us grow.

I'm committed to provide coverage that is free and accessible to all. But selling advertising space, our traditional source of income, has become more challenging.  As a result, we are relying more on readers like you to help sustain our mission to keep you informed and connected to your community.

Reader Sponsors will be recognized on our website. Your monthly, automatic payment of only $5.99 a month can be cancelled at any time. (But we hope you hang in there!).

-- Jesús Sanchez, Publisher

Please Note: The Eastsider is a private company — Your sponsorship is NOT tax deductible. 

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