Councilman proposes honoring Angeleno Heights preservation pioneer*

Tom Morales home

The City Council will consider a proposal to name the intersection of Carroll Avenue and East Edgeware Road in Angeleno Heights in honor of the late Tom Morales, who spearheaded efforts to preserve the Victorian-era neighborhood and its 19th century mansions by creating the city’s first historic district.

The  1887 Victorian home that Morales grew up in and restored  faces the intersection  that would be named Tom Morales Square, under a motion by Councilman Ed Reyes. The motion says

Tom Morales was instrumental in the development of the [Historic Preservation Overlay Zone] system and the long-term preservation of the City’s historical places and neighborhoods. Tom Morales was a true friend to L.A. preservation. His work transcends neighborhoods, culture and generations. Tom is honored here today for his tireless effort for the cause of historic preservation for a City he called home for nearly three quarters of a century.

Designating the intersection at Carroll Avenue and East Edgeware Road, adjacent to his family home, as the “Tom Morales Square” honors his memory and work that he accomplished.

Morales family purchased the East Lake-style home, which is painted several shades of green with burgundy and gold accents, in 1940 for $3,000.    Morales lived most of his 76-years at the corner of Carroll Avenue and East Edgeware Road until he died in September 2011 at age 76.  The Morales family home is Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #51.

* Update: The City Council on May 29 approved naming the intersection Tom Morales Square.

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