Echo Park architect’s new take on the tree house

A new house now under construction in the Elysian Heights section of Echo Park appears to be taking extra steps to be eco-friendly.  Located on a steep and wooded hillside near Park Drive and Ewing Street, the home is not only surrounded by large trees but has a towering pine growing through a corner of the structure.

The house, which appears to float above the hillside, is the work of Echo Park architect Simon Storey, whose home, a narrow, jet-black building set atop a one-car garage, attracted attention when it was built at the southern end of Fairbanks Place.  The House in Trees, as the project is known, is describedd in Storey’s website:

The location on the hillside was chosen to minimise the disruption to the native vegetation – it fits between 3 large mature trees on three sides.The house ‘floats’ over the hillside which further reduces it’s footprint on the ground – only 50% of the total floor space is in contact with the earth. The rest of the house is cantilevered out over the downsloping lot.

While the description says the house is located  between the trees, the photo above shows at least one big pine tree piercing a corner room of the house. A website called House In The Trees includes photos of the home’s metal frame being built around the trunk. What happens if that tree keeps growing or sways in the wind?  Will the interior take its cues from the Bigfoot Lodge?  The Eastsider is seeking details.

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