Developer plans to build around Eagle Rock barbershop

Red circle shows Hubert’s Barber Shop  1010 Development

By Nathan Solis

EAGLE ROCK — The rendering for a proposed 47-unit apartment building on Eagle Rock Boulevard show a white cube at the base of the four-story building. What is that?  That little cube turns out to be the 500 square-foot home of Hubert’s Barbershop, whose landlord has refused to sell to the developer. But the developer is not backing down either and is planning to wrap the apartment building around Hubert’s.

The Eagle Rock Church of the Nazarene, which owns the land surrounding Hubert’s, has agreed to sell the property to 1010 Development Corp., which has been planning the affordable housing complex for four years.  Along with apartments, ranging from 3-bedroom to 1-bedroom units, the project would also include underground parking and a 2,150 square-foot community center off of Yosemite Drive. The developer had offered commercial space in the new building if the barbershop’s landlord agreed to sell. But the landlord has not budged.

It’s not clear if the owners of Hubert’s are interested in moving into the new building.  On a recent visit to Hubert’s, the barbers declined to comment, saying only the shop had been around for 20 years.

According to developer Bob Buente of 1010 Development Corp., the project is at a decision point,but currently being revamped. Renderings showing the project are not finalized, but Buente says the exterior elevations and overall site plan at about 99 percent finalized.  And, as The Boulevard Sentinel noticed, those renderings included Hubert’s.

“This 47 unit family development will be income and rent restricted to families and individuals earning less than 60% of Area Median Income as defined by HUD,” Buente said in an email. “To put real numbers on this a family of four living in a 2-bedroom apartment could not have annual income greater than $51,240 and would pay no more than $1,119 in monthly rent.”

When asked why 1010 Development chose Eagle Rock, Buente explained that the location fits several points for their project.

“It has frequent transportation, great schools nearby and plenty of great businesses within walking distance.”

Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis’ stories, reviews and photos at Avenue Meander.

Hubert’s Barbershop has been around for 20 years | Nathan Solis

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