New homes in the works for Eagle Rock and Hermon

Eagle Rock Boulevard commercial building would be demolished for new residential project

Developers are wasting no time this year preparing for new projects, with the Planning Department receiving requests to build new homes in Eagle Rock and Hermon.

The Eagle Rock project calls for demolishing a one-story commercial building at 4344 Eagle Rock Boulevard south of York Boulevard and building 11 homes as well as two mixed-use units, according to a filing with the Planning Department. The project would be constructed in an area that has seen a lot of new residential development, including a 45-home project now being built next door by Warmington Residential.

In Hermon, a developer is seeking approval to build 9 homes at 6105 Toltec Way, a dead-end street that backs up to the Hermon Dog Park. The 9-home project is across the street from where a developer has proposed demolishing a 1930s home to building eight new residences. Residents tried to have the home designated a historic landmark, but their application was rejected by the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission, and the developer has applied for building permits to start construction.

The backers of the new Eagle Rock and Hermon projects are seeking to build their developments under the city’s small-lot ordinance, which allows property owners to carve up lots into smaller parcels for the construction of single-family homes. While supporters say the developments have provided much needed housing, opponents say developers and property owners have taken advantage of the law to build projects that are far too large and out of character with existing neighborhoods.

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