71-unit apartment complex in the works for Historic Filipinotown

HISTORIC FILIPINOTOWN — Developers can’t get enough of the Temple Street Corridor. The most recent project that has surfaced in the area is a 71-unit apartment complex on Rosenell Terrace near Temple Street.

The site is currently composed of vacant lots on Rosenell as it rises up a slope north of Temple. A project summary filed with the Planning Department says that 11% of the 71 apartment will be set aside for tenants with very low incomes. The development will also include 85 parking spaces for motor vehicles and 74 spaces for bikes.

The company behind the project is Caladan Investment LLC, which has developed numerous large apartment properties across Los Angeles, is seeking permission to build a project that is 11 feet higher than would normally be allowed.

The Caladan project is  located a block east of where a 47-unit apartment building was recently completed on Temple at and Coronado Street.

An estimated 2,000 apartments have recently been built, are being constructed or have been proposed in the Temple Street corridor between Downtown and East Hollywood.

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