Why Silver Lake and Mt. Washington streets are the worst – repairs focus on the roads that need it the least

While some roads in L.A. have been fixed over the past three years, many of the worst areas have been left to crumble even further, according to an updated study by the L.A. Times

This includes areas of neglect in Mount Washington, Silver Lake and almost 80% of the most damaged streets in Los Feliz. Many of those streets are paved with concrete, which is far more expensive to repair than asphalt.

Moreover, city leaders told the Times that’s by design. They’re fixing the good roads first. They’re fixing the bad roads … someday. Maybe.

“Tackling the most battered streets would chew up so much cash that the city would be unable to prevent salvageable ones from sliding into disrepair, according to public works officials. Unless the city gets a lot more money, they say, the worst roads will remain the worst.” — L.A. Times

As a result, more than 70% of streets that got a C grade before — for example, in the San Fernando Valley — have been maintained or improved over the last three years. But only less than half of the streets that got failing grades have seen improvement since 2013, the Times said.

The city is also focusing on larger streets that get more use. So narrow, residential streets get less attention.

“We all know that our street needs to be repaired — and we don’t have any expectation that it’s going to happen in our lifetime.”

— Mark Kenyon, vice president of land use for the Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance

Go to the Times and look up your street grade here.

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