It’s been nearly two years since a century-old Craftsman-style apartment house was moved three blocks in the middle of the night to make way for a new apartment building across from Echo Park Lake.  After  sitting all this time on blocks at a temporary location at the corner of  Echo Park and Park avenues, it looks like the two-story building will once again hit the road and end up about one-third of a mile away from its original location. But the owners of the Echo Park building need to overcome a legal roadblock first.

The owner of the building are seeking to move it to an empty lot in Angeleno Heights at the corner of  West Kensington Road and Echo Park Terrace, according to a City Council motion.  However,  the city’s Bureau’s of Engineering is asking that a five-foot wide strip of the property along Echo Park Terrace be given up for sidewalk and street improvements, a request that would  make the relocation “infeasible,” says the motion introduced by Councilman Ed Reyes.   The motion requests that the Planning Department and Bureau of Engineering waive the demand for the five-foot strip of property.

The motion has been referred to the City Council Planning and Land Use Committee for review.

The structure was the only building that was saved after a demolition crew cleared several lots in preparation for the construction of a new senior retirement apartment complex at the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Park Avenue . The Foursquare Foundation,  which owns the property agreed, to move the apartment house and store it temporarily following talks with the city and the Echo Park Historical Society.*

* The Eastsider is a board member of the Echo Park Historical Society

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