House Hunt: Echo Park’s Black Box up for sale

On a block dominated by white and cream colored Mediterranean-style buildings, the Echo Park home of architect Simon Storey is hard not to miss –  it’s the skinny, black-stucco and glass house planted with olive trees on a roof-top deck.  The Fairbanks Place home, which  only about  15-feet wide, replaced a one-car garage topped with a small living space.  Storey named his house “Eels Nest,” the term he said the Japanese use to describe long-narrow building lots or homes.

“I don’t notice the narrowness, in fact people generally comment on how big the house is on the inside even though it’s less than 1,000 sq.ft,” said Storey in an email.   But after moving into the home this spring, Storey has put the house on the market, asking $559,000 for the two-bedroom, one-bath property.

Why a black stucco? Storey said he had originally planned to clad the house in wood but said that building codes required the wood to be fire-treated. That proved to be too expensive on what was a $110,000 construction budget.

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