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Atwater Village

A change of use has been conditionally approved for an office-and-warehouse space at 4561 W. Colorado Blvd. It is to become creative office space - a project that will involve renovating both buildings, as well as landscaping them to the perimeters.

Boyle Heights

Plans to develop residential units at the Sakura Gardens senior living community were unanimously rejected by the Boyle HeightsNeighborhood Council's Planning and Land Use Committee. Those plans involve converting the 48-unit/90-bed intermediate care facility into a 45-unit multifamily building, and to construct another building on the southeast corner of the property with 50 more residential units that would be open to the general public. Ryley Webb - the Land Development Manager for the owner, Pacifica Companies - said there are no definite plans to shut down the ICF. But he did not guarantee the Japanese-centered care would continue at the ICF portion of Sakura Gardens campus once renovation began.

The Boyle Heights Community Plan is being updated by Los Angeles City Planning, more than 20 years after the last update, The Eastsider reported. This means reexamining the neighborhood - everything from jobs and transportation to neighborhood identity and (especially this time around) housing. Among other things, planners are preparing for 11,000 new housing units in the area by the year 2040, while also trying to safeguard against oversized development. Though the plan is still in development, planners aim to focus new housing in areas accessible to buses and trains. 

East Hollywood

A residence and a hair salon along Virgil Avenue would be replaced by a restaurant and convenience store, under a change-of-use application. Alice's Beauty Salon at 759 N. Virgil would become the store. Plans indicate the residence at 761 N. Virgil may be demolished to make way for the restaurant. The salon building dates back to 1927, and the 3-bedroom/2-bathroom residence dates to 1947

Lincoln Heights

A new brewery and cider house that we wrote about last year has received conditional approval.  Benny Boy Brewing will be allowed to partially demolish and renovate an industrial property N. Daly Street next to the 5 freeway. The sale, dispensing, and manufacturing of beer and wine for on- and off-site consumption has been authorized for a new 3,474-square-foot brewery and a 1,542 square-foot cider house with a new 891 square-foot outdoor dining area. Seating will be limited to 51 seats inside the Cider House, 69 seats in the Brewery, and 60 seats outside. It has also been approved for occasional outdoor live entertainment. 

Los Feliz

A three-story, nine-unit residential building is being proposed to replace a 4-bedroom/2-bathroom single-family dwelling on Finley Avenue at Rodney Drive. The home at 4543 W. Finley dates back to 1922. Details are scarce on the project, but a city document indicates a haul route is being proposed. 

Silver Lake

Eight months after several businesses along the 3800 block of Sunset Boulevard were ordered to vacate, there’s still no word on what’s replacing them - and still no sign that anything is coming soon, The Eastsider reported. That has left a long strip of storefronts between Sunset Dry cleaning and Nature well boarded up. Orders to vacate were sent out last December for 3814-3820 W. Sunset, after Engine Real Estate bought the property. Property Shark shows a sale of the property on Dec. 5, 2019 for $11,795,000. Engine Real Estate has not responded to emails from The Eastsider about their plans for the property. Nor is the property currently listed in the company’s portfolio.

That’s it for this issue of Real Estate Monday.

— Barry Lank

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