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East Hollywood

Notices of demolition have gone along from 4629 W. Maubert Ave. to 4651 W. Maubert Ave., in preparation for a new residential development with 153 units. Plans were approved over the summer to demolish the three existing multi-family buildings, with approximately 14 units. Approval was also conditionally given for an 80% increase in density for the new project, since it includes affordable housing units and is located near a major transit lines. The site is just around the corner from the Vermont-Sunset Metro station, and 17 units are to be set aside for Extremely Low Income Households for a period of 55 years.

The Fountain Theatre - a 30-year-old production company at 5060 W. Fountain Ave. - is planning to build an outdoor stage. Documents at the city's planing department propose constructing a temporary outdoor performance space at the theater's parking lot. The additional stage would consist of 18 steel-deck platforms - each measuring four feet by eight feet - to serve 50 to 84 public viewers. According to the project description, the theater's indoor space is unusable because of COVID-19 restrictions, and staff has been furloughed.

Echo Park

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Architectural plans have been posted for a 5-story, 14-unit residential building on Park Ave., which was first proposed back in May, according to Urbanize. The plans were posted by the Echo Park Neighborhood Council. Three apartments at the 1932 Park Ave. development would be reserved as affordable housing.

El Sereno

Plans have been filed to replace a single-family home at 4612 E. Topaz St. with six residential units. The existing 2-bedroom home dates back to 1904, and takes up just 1,380 square feet of an 8,735.5-square-foot lot.

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