Santa Cecilia Orchestra Presents

Experience Flamenco with the Santa Cecilia Orchestra!

Sonia Marie De Leon, conductor, Maria Bermudez, flamenco Artist and added special guests!

Journey Flamenco Concert Featured Photo

Santa Cecilia Orchestra
Sonia Marie De Leon de Vega, conductor
Maria Bermudez, Flamenco artist
Pele de los Reyes, vocalist
Andre Vadin, guitar

This musical journey will introduce you to great masterpieces and take you to distant lands, to different times and finally, deep into the heart of Flamenco.

Our trip begins with the virtuosity of Gluck’s Dance of the Furies. From there, Santa Cecilia Orchestra’s musicians take you to Italy with Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony, a romantic masterpiece sketched during the composer’s tour of Europe. According to Mendelssohn, this beautiful piece is meant to capture the supreme joy of life in Italy – a sentiment that is undeniably felt from the first moment of the symphony to the last.

Finally, our journey travels from Italy to Spain and straight into the passion of Manuel De Falla. You will experience this thrilling artist’s finest music through the fiery artistry of Spain’s premier flamenco artist, Maria Bermudez. Our guest performer comes direct from Jerez de la Frontera, the “cradle of flamenco.”

Special guest artists added! Pele de los Reyes, vocalist and Andre Vadin, guitar

It’s a musical experience not to be missed!

Maria Bermudez with Santa Cecilia Orchestra

Flamenco artist Maria Bermudez

Guitarist Andre Vadin (left) and vocalist Pele de los Reyes

Guitarist Andre Vadin (left) and vocalist Pele de los Reyes

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