Jónsi and Alex Somers of Sigur Rós perform Riceboy Sleeps next week

Playing October 15th at The Orpheum Theatre

Jonsi & Alex Somers_press_photo.jpg

For the 10th Anniversary of Riceboy Sleeps, front man of Sigur Rós Jónsi and his partner, visual artist and musician Alex Somers, will be performing the gorgeously ambient album with the Wordless Music Orchestra and Choir. 

This marks the first tour the duo has ever performed this incredible album which will have orchestral accompaniment conducted by Robert Ames. Come see the “first and last time” this album will be performed live.

RiceboySleeps_VividLive2019_084_ PhotoCredit_Prudence.Upton.jpg
RiceboySleeps_VividLive2019_079_ PhotoCredit_Prudence.Upton.jpg
RiceboySleeps_VividLive2019_073_ PhotoCredit_Prudence.Upton.jpg
RiceboySleeps_VividLive2019_071_ PhotoCredit_Prudence.Upton.jpg
RiceboySleeps_VividLive2019_048_ PhotoCredit_Prudence.Upton.jpg
RiceboySleeps_VividLive2019_040_ PhotoCredit_Prudence.Upton.jpg
RiceboySleeps_VividLive2019_100_ PhotoCredit_Prudence.Upton.jpg

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