Sponsored Post: Fall In Love With Your House, Again

If working with buyers and sellers every day has taught us anything over the last decade, it’s that our homes are much more to us than just where we get our Amazon packages. They need to reflect our personality, make our friends drool, and represent our lifestyle (or the lifestyle we wish we had!).

We recently met with a prospective seller on pretty Wren Drive in Mt. Washington, and after some talking realized that she did not want to move at all, she simply wanted to fall in love with her house again.

As often happens in any long-term relationship, she stopped seeing the features she initially loved, and ultimately decided to put some energy into re-creating the spark she felt when she bought the home with us seven years ago.

Some ideas from veteran Eastside Realtor Elise Knepper of The Property Shop LA, to help you do the same this summer:

1) Re-invent: the biggest reasons that people get sick of their homes is that their tastes have changed, they have accumulated too much stuff, and they feel they need more storage. Fortunately, these are all easy things to remedy before throwing in the towel and hitting some open houses.

One of the best ways to tackle a home purging is to pretend that you are going on the market. Take a step back and try to see your home from a potential buyer’s eyes. We know this is difficult, and often suggest taking photos of each room, allowing you to see things from a fresh perspective.

Ask yourself, if you saw your living room on the MLS, would it excite you or would you think, “Wow, they really need to tear up that carpet and replace those mini-blinds with real curtains”? Do it! Simple fixes and even just re-arranging furniture breathe new life into a space you probably stopped putting any effort into a long time ago.

Go into the kitchen (and bathroom) and put away all of the stuff on the counter tops. Nobody uses their George Foreman grill every day, and you will feel much better making your morning cup of espresso if you dedicate that valuable counter space to a pretty bowl of fruit or collection of mini-succulents. It really is the little things that help us love our living space!

2) Think About an Addition: They say you should never have a baby to save a bad relationship, but in the case of your relationship with your home, sometimes adding a second bath or vaulting the ceilings can create an entirely different feel or functionality for a lot less money than you may think. Knowing you are working with a great, local contractor will make the project feel much less daunting, so research Yelp, Angie’s List, or call on us for some recommendations.

3) Re-evaluate: If you resent the expense of maintaining your home, it may indeed be best to cut ties and sell, as the level of upkeep required is not likely to change. Wondering why you are paying a huge DWP bill to cool an empty 2000 sq. ft. home, or paying to maintain a pool and yard that you never use, are signs that it may make sense to pare down to a less “needy” place. You should never feel that your home is a burden, but a haven.

4) Call in the Pros: If you still can’t recapture the spark, and do in fact decide it is time to move on to greener pastures, be grateful it is not 2009. With Eastside home prices up roughly 20% over last year, plenty of homeowners are finding that today’s super-hot market is just the nudge they’ve been waiting for. With loads of experience in the neighborhood and a long roster of happy clients, we can find the perfect buyer to fall in love with your home just the way you did…and help you find your perfect match, again.

Get in touch with The Property Shop LA to discuss buying or selling in the neighborhood, and how we can help.

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