Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Thea Pueschel helps lift those 2011 goals off the page and into action through her Atwater Village company, Hypnotiq Solutions.

The top five reasons people are seeking hypnotherapy right now are stress reduction, self esteem enhancement, career advancement/change and relationship (attracting a partner). I would imagine the New Year will throw quitting smoking into being the #1 reason and probably seconded by motivation to exercise.

Making the connection

Through hypnotherapy, we create a relaxed meditative state to assist my clients to achieve their goals by creating a connection between the conscious desires and subconscious motivations. My interest, is in helping the person achieve their goals and maintain the best health, both mental and physical. I help feed those goals back to the client, initiating change and positivity.

Holistic working with medical

Currently, I am working with quite a few athletes and creative individuals to help create optimized performance.  My practice extends beyond that and includes general self improvement as well as helping individuals overcome habits, becoming mindful, release anxiety, build self esteem and manage pain. As a hypnotherapist I believe in a holistic approach and enjoy working in conjunction with medical doctors, psychologists as well as other alternative health practitioners.

Motivation wins over habits

Some goals or issues see relief or success within one session but that is not the norm. There is no guarantee on how quickly a person can reach their goals since every one is different. It’s been my experience that within 3 to 6 sessions progress has been made. Some things take longer than others. Especially, things that individuals would like to change that have been life long habits or concerns. Quitting smoking can be achieved within one session if the person is motivated.

Ready for change

I think the most important thing is to know that you must be ready for the change, no one can force you. Many times people will try to get their spouse or loved one to change, this can only take place if the person wants to change.