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Tired of the Lack of Returns from LA Real Estate?

If you are tired of investing in LA, we can help.


Recent Acquisition of 69 units in OKC

JB2 Investments is an experienced unique firm that specializes in helping investors build smarter portfolios of cash-flowing real estate. We operate in higher cash-flow landlord friendly markets (Midwest), and facilitate investment by allowing others to invest into our deals with an initial minimum investment of just $50K.

Los Angeles-based JB2 Investments is founded by brothers Jonathan and Jeffrey. Real estate is in their blood growing up in a real estate family. Together they have two decades worth of experience investing in all types of real estate.

Jonathan and Jeff have been involved in 400+ flips projects primarily in Northeast LA during that time period. Some of these projects being multi-family. During that 10-year period, $22 million in profits were created with an average yearly return of 38%.

They have deep knowledge of various markets, with financial analysis, construction, and design. What sets JB2 apart from the others is its ability to take on challenging projects and Value-Add construction all while incorporating the latest trends that people love.

Learn more about that here and why we do what we do.


"I highly recommend JB2 Investments. I'm receiving my distributions ahead of time and we're beating projections. I also really appreciate the amount of due diligence Jonathan and Jeff do when looking into new deals. They keep their bar very high, and I know I can trust that they're bringing me an incredible deal. Plus, they're highly communicative and always on top of their game w/ regular updates and timely K-1s." - Neal

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