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Getting around Los Angeles can be tough, considering the massive urban sprawl and daily traffic jams. Factor in the logistical needs of a group with many passengers, and it can seem almost impossible to coordinate a trip from one side of town to the other.

While public transportation may have seemed like the most viable option for large group transportation in the past,

private motorcoach rentals

have actually proven to be a more efficient mode of transportation.

Don’t believe us? Check out a few of the biggest reasons groups choose to utilize private motorcoaches over public transportation.

Personalize Your Route

Public transit authorities rarely follow routes that get you exactly where you want to go. While they may take you close, most trains and buses will drop you off at least a mile away from your desired destination. Los Angeles’ metro rail and busways follows linear paths that can often take you a ways away from your preferred stopping point. But when you book a private motorcoach, you’re in control.

A charter bus rental isn’t necessarily bound to one set route, as your driver follows the path that is most efficient for you and your group. Drivers decide which route they’ll take based on traffic, distance between destinations, and your group’s interests, so they’re able to find the fastest route for your group with ease.

Control Who You Ride With

When riding public transportation, you have no say in who you share a ride with. Because buses and trains are public modes of transit, anyone who can afford the fare is welcome to take a ride, which means that you may be sharing seats with some unfavorable passengers. This also means that your group may not be able to sit together, as your party may have to separate in order to fill the available seats.

When you book a private motorcoach, you’re able to hand-select your passenger list as well as the number of seats needed for comfortable accommodation. Larger groups are recommended to book a larger solution such as the 56-passenger charter bus, while smaller groups are recommended a more compact solution such as an 18-passenger minibus. Regardless of your group’s size, you can book however many motorcoaches you need to complete the trip.

No Waiting at Stops

Although your journey may be a straight shot from its starting point to the destination on public transit, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a quick ride. Public transportation vehicles stop frequently to pick up passengers, which can add tons of unexpected waiting time to your commute.

When riding a private charter bus, your driver has no obligation to pick up anyone but your group. If all of your group members are being picked up at one location, this can seriously streamline your commute.

Premium Amenities are Readily Available

Public transportation vehicles typically provide minimal amenities for passengers. On the L.A. Metro specifically, you may only be provided amenities such as air-conditioning and plush seats.

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Private motorcoaches may come equipped with a number of premium features that significantly improve the riding experience. Amenities such as WiFi, power outlets, restrooms, luggage bays, televisions and DVD players are all available upon your request, making your journey to and from your next destination much more enjoyable.

Regardless of whether your destination is in Greater Los Angeles, charter bus rental services such as Champion Charter Bus, Los Angeles Charter Bus Company, and National Charter Bus consistently prove that a private motorcoach is a better group transit option than public transportation. Contact any one of these companies to check prices and learn more about how they can accommodate your group’s next trip.

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