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Tagging in Solano Canyon near Dodger Stadium

Art project or tagging?

SOLANO CANYON — Residents in the 800 block of Solano Avenue near Dodger Stadium awoke this morning to find retaining walls covered with tagging — but not the typical gang variety. Could it be an art project, asked Dan Reza, a long-time resident. Art or not,  the spray painted walls were cleaned up by residents. “We had a good response from the ... Read More »

Brush fires hit Lincoln Heights & Elysian Park [updated]

Firefighters have been busy on the Eastside this afternoon, knocking down a  brush fire in Lincoln Heights shortly before another fire began in Elysian Park near Solano Canyon. Ground and air crews were deployed to fight the Elysian Park fire, which was reported at about 2:22 pm, and had scorched about two acres, said the L.A. Fire Department.  The fire ... Read More »

Dodgers try to explain Beyoncé concert traffic jam

ECHO PARK — Dodger Stadium has hosted countless sold out games and events. But Wednesday night’s packed Beyoncé concert created some of the worst traffic gridlock in recent memory, with bumper-to-bumper traffic filling narrow streets far from the stadium. The concert was also delayed to give fans extra time to get to the show. What happened? The Dodgers, who are ... Read More »

Dodger Stadium makes a pitch to attract more concerts

Some of the biggest names in music, from Madonna to the Rolling Stones, have performed at Dodger Stadium during one of the occasional concerts held at the ballpark. But now the Dodgers want to go after more big concerts. The owners have teamed up with a new entertainment firm that plans to book two or three shows at the stadium ... Read More »

Will Dodger fans play along with new parking rules?

Temporary No Parking and 2-Hour Parking signs have been installed around Dodger Stadium in time for Monday's season opener. The parking restrictions, which apply to residents as well as visiting Dodger fans, are the city's most recent effort to keep pre-game tailgating parties and public drinking from getting out of control

For Sale: Mt Washington Cottage with Studio

3027 Future St | $405,000 | Property Website Open Sunday march 15 2-5 Sunset to Fireworks view! Handy to all that is NELA! Privacy! Why rent or go the tiny landless condo route when you can have this hillside oasis on a 5300+ sq ft lot. Slip thru the enticing curved red brick wall and up to the charm of ... Read More »

Found in Solano Canyon:Found older terrier mix

Dog found Feb 6 in Elysian Park on Solano near the Police Academy. No collar or tags. Had been running loose for at least two weeks. She’s an older (10 years+) terrier mix, 18 lbs, cream and white, spayed and with a tumor under her tail. Because of her age we’re hoping she has an owner somewhere. She is at ... Read More »