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  1. I like the idea of bike lanes. I ride a bike but Los Angeles was designed (for good or for bad) with the car in mind. It is hot as a desert, hilly and the distances are immense. The shrill rhetoric of bike activists makes is pitched to people who don’t ride. They remember bucolic vacations spent in Amsterdam (which is small and flat and cool and has many public transportation options) Lets see how many people commute by bike from Silver lake to downtown, or the west side. Lets see how many even take the bus or the metro (which is a great option) Even calling the Rowena boondoggle a ‘diet’ suggests that it is ‘for your own good’. It fixes a problem that only exists in the minds of armchair activists who mean well but would rather not engage in the real world.

    • I like that – “the Rowena boondoggle”. I drive that twice a day, M-F, and it’s just silly how few bikes and how many cars use that avenue. I get it – I got rid of my bike, too scared to drive it in Silverlake. But to say adding a bike lane adds only x seconds to a driver’s commute – that’s bs.

      • Silver Lake has become a major crossover point to Glendale, perhaps an additional bridge over the L.A. river would help?

  2. I’m looking forward to getting some news from the area that I grew up in.

  3. When are police going to start. Stopping people who run yellow & red lights. That’s why so many are being run over and killed. Because they know police are not stopping/tickketing. Now that one of their own was killed. Maybe. They.ll s tart.

  4. When is LA PD going to cite bicyclists who run stop signa aND red lights?