The Eastsider Holiday Gift Box

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Give the gift of discovering Los Angeles with books written and published by locals for locals. Available at shops throughout Los Angeles or online here:
The Spa Less Traveled: Angelenos live on the cutting edge of trends –  now here’s the inside scoop on the hottest trend in town: ethnic spa treatments. Combining a quest for therapeutic luxury with a love for the multi-ethnic patchwork that is Los Angeles, The Spa Less Traveled points readers to the most worthwhile ethnic spas across L.A. County and is the perfect gift. Based on anonymous visits to several hundred spas and massage-therapy centers, the authors describe the treatments and how they connect to the cultures; let readers know what to expect in terms of clothing, tipping, even parking; give tips on where to eat and shop while you’re in the neighborhood; and recommend particular massages and therapists. A great gift!
EAT: Los Angeles is hands-down the best food lover’s guide in town.  EAT: LA is a carefully curated roster of 1,300 of L.A.’s best resources for food lovers, from bistros to brewpubs, food trucks to farmers’ markets. EAT: Los Angeles eschews the corporate chains and seeks the one-of-a-kind places that reflect their communities and the passion of their owners. It also flags places that are good for families, vegetarians and vegans, party-throwers, romance-seekers and night owls, and it gives a shout-out to the sustainable. Keep a copy in every car and bag in Los Angeles – it’s the prefect stocking stuffer and hostess gift.
Bauer Canoe @ Potted: Yes, Potted has a love affair with Bauer. The classic California pottery company maintains its historic roots and yet moves forward with with new designs and colors that compliment its past and secures their future legacy. The canoe is a beautiful and graceful container. Plant it,use it as a container or just leave as is. Made of glazed ceramic.
Cream Soap @ Feeding Birds: Antique Mayflower No 4711 soap. 3 pack for  $15
Solid Cologne Tin @ Regeneration Alchemy. Concoctions from nature, formulated in Echo Park by Regeneration Alchemy. Tin of solid cologne  “Ask the Dust,” the smell of Depression era Los Angeles: citrus, sandalwood, sage with a smidge of patchouli. $8. Click here for more details.
Want your business included in The Eastsider Holiday Gift Box? Please send an email to Mary Allen.