Follow our TIC Team, Liz and Cristina as they preview our upcoming TIC’s and discuss what is involved with Tenants in Common. In this episode, Liz and Cristina are previewing our upcoming Los Angeles TIC community in Arlington Heights. Liz and Cristina discuss the options of renting out a room in a TIC to help cover the mortgage. They also talk about their upcoming inventory of TICs in the sub-$400's, and whether or not there will be buyers looking in such a low price point.


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The Rental Girl ( is a full service Real Estate brokerage specializing in residential leasing and sales. We have been serving renters and landlords since 2004. We work with thousands of Los Angeles renters each year, and many of these renters are qualified to buy, but can’t afford or find a home in a neighborhood they want to live. In 2016, a client of ours introduced us to TIC ownership and we saw immediately how many renters and entry level buyers in LA could benefit from a TIC market here. We met with Sterling Bank, who was working actively to pioneer a TIC market in LA, and other San Francisco vendors. And so began our research on TICs. Since then, we have helped bring many TIC units to the market, and we have many new TIC communities coming soon. With every new TIC building that hits the market, more renters, landlords and realtors are discovering TIC sales and the TIC movement is growing rapidly. We love to share our accumulated knowledge, and support our real estate colleagues, landlords and renters and the TIC community.

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